Posted by: posthaiti | January 24, 2009

First Pics


but first, a random Haiti-inspired haiku:

windmill cold hand in
pockets tight too blaring cold
fastening self there

i didn’t take many pictures before my camera was stolen. but, here are some that i downloaded off of other peeps’ Facebook pages.


from left to right: Chris, Michelle, me, and Suji, who was one of the camp leaders and has been at several HODR deployments all over the globe.

this was my first night in Gonaives, after Tamara, Michelle, and I had all fought our individual battles with our randomass mosquito nets. too bad, because i was still SCREWED when it came to protecting my virgin skin — and for some reason, delectable to those critters — from bites. i had so many bites, some as big as fifty-cent pieces, everywhere. bites from ankle to thigh, all over the tops of my feet and in the nooks and crannies of my fingers. swelling, welts, itching…malaria?! i suppose i should have used more bug spray, or made a point of closing the mosquito net above my camping pad BEFORE passing out — um, yeah, the only two times i had what appeared to be 40 bugs hovering at the top of my net in the morning when i woke up were the nights i, passed out under the net with it mistakenly not securely tucked under the wooden plank that my camping pad rested on. go, Prestige!


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