Posted by: posthaiti | January 14, 2010


this is the first post i’ve made in a while, and the first since my last trip to haiti, which was last week. yep, i returned last wednesday, and have been floored by some flu i got, so this is really the first chance i’ve had to post. and believe me, this so isn’t what i want to be writing about! but, i feel like i need to update you all with decent news outlets that are actually doing a good job of keeping up with the situation.

aside from NYT and CNN, which seem to be doing pretty good jobs (NYT has a good section where they collate a bunch of random online sources, like blogs, videos, twitter and twitpic feeds, etc.), twitter feeds have been amazing sources of information. RAM’s lead singer and the owner of the hotel oloffson, a place central for attracting tourists, expats, celebs, artists, journos, and everyone in between, has been tweeting here:

here’s a pic of the hotel montana, which has been utterly destroyed. i stayed there a year ago, when my flight was cancelled for a day and AA put us (or maybe it was just me?) up in the poshest hotels in town.

i’ve heard there are still HUNDREDS of people trapped under all that rubble.


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