Posted by: posthaiti | January 22, 2010

what lives

so far, we’ve been overwhelmed by what’s died. i, for one, have spent the past week, albeit sick with flu, walking around in a daze. one night, i ran for 50 minutes on the treadmill, and it felt like 10. i walked home in the cold, dark, NYC night, another 45 minutes. when i entered my dark apartment, i still felt… confused. in a certain sense, mindless. numb. i can’t imagine how the people living through this, especially those with untreated wounds and broken bones, are feeling.

every story i read brings me back to the reality of how bad people have been hurt, and how crushed the city is. crumbling, like the roman ruins; except this downfall happened in less than a minute.

to compound my dis-ease, i am now officially distressed about the huge number of american troops that are being sent — or, should i say deployed — it seems IN LIEU of aid, supplies, and food. at the NYT’s ‘the lede’ blog, it’s been reported that there’ll be 20,000 military peeps there by the weekend.

i have three friends headed down to provide logistics support to medical teams. let’s hope they can actually land at PAP airport, and aren’t diverted for scientologists. ugn. democracy now‘s amy goodman reported today that bottled water is going to the US embassy down there, not to thirsty, dying haitians. what ARE all those troops going to do? and, is their presence worth the food, water, housing, and other services that they’ll need to stay alive while there?

shit gets twisted, especially when people let their ignorance guide them. here’s a superb rundown of some of the facts and fictions about haiti’s people and their “need” for US “aid.”

so, what lives. that’s what i wanted to get to by the end of this post. i have so much to share from my short 10 days there, mostly pictures from the grande rue and jacmel artists. i need to focus on what lives, and so do we all, if we’re going to help in any way to rebuild. more positive posts coming in the next days, including an update on flo, whose remains will (hopefully?) be on US soil by Friday night. in fact, flo’s friends and family have been maintaining an excellent blog tracking flo’s remains and preparing for upcoming memorials. it’s called Going With Flo.



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