Posted by: posthaiti | February 9, 2010

headed back to haiti soon…

hello, folks. sorry it’s been so long, and yes, i flaked on my promise to post pics. i’ve been spending a lot of time building out the structure of a memoir i’ve decided to write based on my time living in san francisco. it’s quite daunting, writing a memoir-type piece, not only the process of remembering all the experiences, but that of layering in details — creating memorable scenes, dialogue, and characters, as well as finding a general story arc. it’s going to prove challenging, to say the least. still, i need to do it, and i think i’m finally up to the challenge.

it’s hard revisiting the past in so much depth and detail, even if it is cathartic. every day is an adventure, though, and i never know what’s going to come out, so i look forward to keeping on keepin’ on.

big news is that i was accepted into HODR’s leogane project! it’s exciting, but i know that this project will be rough. in order to go, i’ll have to prep big time, physically and mentally. i’m thinking of heading to SXSW Interactive before i leave, which only gives me about a month to get into shape.

(SXSW Interactive is the ‘everything digital’ arm of the show, kind of the brainy stepchild of the much more popular music, and now, film scenes. i’m considering a career change back to the interwebs world, where i spent several years back in the day in SF, and so this will be a great networking opp. also, i’m just kind of curious; all my conference-going has been to BORing — and really, really square — science conferences the past five years, so this will be a trip. to wonderland. and i’m looking forward!)

anyway, after i got back from haiti in january, i fell ill for about four weeks. i was Wiped. Out. hence, i’m trying to hit the hot yoga studio AND the gym every day. so far so good on the yoga. not so much on the gym. (yet.)

i don’t know how long i’ll stay in haiti; maybe one month, maybe three? maybe till the end of the project, which is slated for august? i’m not sure what to expect, is all. the work in gonaives, digging out mud-flooded homes, was the hardest physical labor i’ve ever done, and someone told me, the hardest of all the HODR deployments. i can imagine this one will be not only challenging in that sense, but also in terms of bare bones living conditions (ie, we’ll be living in tents, not under any roof).

anyway, pics to come tomorrow. i read on twitter that only one of the grande rue artists, eugene, survived. so very, very sad. and unbelievable still, thinking back to the creativity and salvage-able mentality those sculptors shared. i wonder what they would have done with all the destruction in the wake of this quake? probably made something extraordinary…(i wrote about the grande rue artists here; the pics are some of my favorite from the trip.)


  1. I am so grateful for everything you can tell us about the artists of the Grand’rue and FOSAJ.
    Bon couwaj,
    Ann McGarrell (Flo’s ma)

  2. I think Guyodo is probably OK, he was in Athens, Georgia when the earthquake happened:

    And I can’t find the twitter that you’re talking about where it says that the others died (besides Luoco; I did read and hear that he was gone). I have only found things that, like the below video, talk about Luoco’s death alone. Can you pass along where you heard that information ? Thanks —

  3. hi!
    thanks so much for posting this as a comment. i read 2 separate things on 2 different twitter accounts, so very sorry for passing misinformation. one was that all but luoco had perished, the other was that all but luoco were ok. anyway, i will confirm either way.

    i’m wondering about the students there. is there any reliable info on whether the students are ok?

    all the best,

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