Posted by: posthaiti | February 25, 2010

yes, i’m still here, and so is haiti

i really need to get down to haiti. it’s selfish, in a way: every day i’m here is a day i’m missing there. (however, i’m sticking to the plan of spending february and march working on the outline/structural first draft of a so-called memoir of my six years in SF. so far, i’ve put down quite a few words (somewhere around 45K), which, i suppose, is an accomplishment.)

in going back down, however, a part of me fears the worst: getting some disease, being there when another aftershock strong enough to fell buildings hits (my HODR peeps have reported three in the past week or so via FB status updates), or — truth be told — confronting the sad reality of it all. i have several friends who were in gonaives with me in 2008, and who are working in the U of miami medical tent city near the airport. they work as logisticians, which ranges from fetching supplies to helping kids with broken arms eat. a few nights ago, one of my friends related a scene via FB: caught up in random street violence downtown, a haitian driver was carjacked, shot in the back, and now lies paralyzed from the waist down. she said she nearly lost it (as in, burst into tears); i lose it every time, still, that i read or see a moving story or a video featuring a child with a crushed limb, or no limb. her recount is moving.

i lived in leogane, and i recognize some of the buildings that are now in heaps of bricks. what if i don’t find my friends, or worse, find that they’re dead?

on the other hand, going down and thrusting myself into the situation might be just what i need to accept and deal with the reality. in any case, as my leave date (april 1?) nears, i get more and more energized.

i haven’t been reading a lot of news, only enough to know the basics: tents are needed (go here to buy one, 10, or 30); many amputees are now wandering a city harsh toward people with disabilities; rape is on the rise; and “reconstruction” is on the minds of many. here’s a good story from reuters and as always RAM singer richard morse gives his two (informative) cents via twitter. (i know i keep linking to him, but his unbiased — and unapologetic — perspective on haiti’s government corruption, international aid establishment, and president clinton’s aid initiative is stuff we just won’t get from MSM = mainstream media.)

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