Posted by: posthaiti | April 18, 2010

more pictures from leogane, PAP, jacmel, FOSAJ, grande rue sculptors…

finally, more pictures. you can go through them best if you look at each album separately, i guess. they include pix of pre-quake leogane, PAP — including a bunch from the grande rue, where flo took us before we headed down to jacmel for a few days — as well as jacmel’s carnivale ateliers. i was lucky: flo and barnaby were teaching a workshop and typically, i just went wandering around. tek tek found me in the street and i think he’s like, the salesperson/artisan, used to grabbing strangers, being really friendly, and then, at the end of his “grand tour,” asking for money. i didn’t mind; he gave me a great tour of all the workshops, and i got the chance to see the behind-the-scenes construction and painting of the masks as well as talk to some of the artisans about the ups and downs of their craft (one main down is a lack of government funding, but at this point, i don’t really think any of that matters anymore).

on an aside, i just ordered a new sleeping mat (i gave mine to a haitian friend before i left the first time i went down in 2008) and a tent for the upcoming HODR trip! woot! while i’m looking forward to the physical labor and meeting some cool peeps, i’m also hoping to do some follow-up research and pitch stories to anyone who will print them. for instance, what’s going on in leogane now? how are the grande rue artists faring? what about jacmel and the artisans? i’d like to package stuff in a then-and-now format, but we’ll see. i’ve never done any official general reporting on my own, as a freelancer, but there’s always the first time, right?

enjoy the pictures!


  1. The photos are wonderful. Please contact me re: memorial exhibition for Flo in New Hampshire June 18.

    Are you Jeanene?

    I am Flo’s mother.

  2. yep, i’m jeanene. i’m really glad you liked them! i feel fortunate to have had the … sense … to document our trip to FOSAJ and jacmel. something about flo made me want to jump into journalism/picture-taking mode. anyway, i will try to attend the exhibition — sounds great…

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